The Hay Day app is one of the leading popular app store games that anyone at any age can enjoy. Read our guide on hay day cheats and tips to know how you enjoy the hay day game.

1.) Don’t plant all your seeds at once.
All crops that you will plant will double when it’s harvested later on in the game. With this in mind make sure to not plant all the seeds you have just so you can take care of an order. Plant a few seeds and save the rest so that you don’t have to buy diamonds to buy more seeds.

2.) Plant the crops that take the longest to grow while you are at work or at night before you go to sleep.
Some harvests just take a couple of minutes wheat, corn, and carrots all take less than ten minutes. Others, like indigo and pumpkins, take hours. Be sure to put those harvests prior to going to sleep or in the event you ‘re going to occupied with school or work for several hours; that manner they will prepare yourself when you get back as you should and it is possible to pick and use them.

Exactly the same rule applies to finished goods you are making and to livestock. Some take hours to get ready, thus ensure before you are off to bed they begin creation, and they will prepare yourself another day when you wake up.

3.)Farm Visitors aren’t worth the effort.
The visitors that visit your farm in hay day are most often the type of buyers who don’t want to pay you what you want for your crops.

4.) Your roadside stand is where you will make most of your hayday money.
Most people just sell their goods to their visitors. I recommend that you sell your goods to your friends and followers who are also online playing hay day. What I do to sell my products right away is just charge the most for the good and then drop the price by 10 percent. I’ve found that this works the best for me.

5.) You don’t have to accept every order.
When playing hayday your bulletin board will constantly be filled with orders from the local businesses in your area. Most of these businesses will pay decently for your goods however sometimes you won’t be able to fullfill these orders or these orders will take too long. Throw away any order that you don’t want to accept and clear out your bulletin board.

6.) Level up faster with this one trick.
This is one of the quickest ways to level up in hayday. When you see orders come in you will see two numbers at the bottom of the order. The number with the coins is the amount of money you will get in the game and the number next to the blue star is the amount of experience you will get for doing that order. To quickly level up in hayday I would recommend that you balance your experience by taking orders that offer less coin but will pay you with more experience.

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